PoS/zPoS Masternode
the Real World Coin

STAMP is an open source crypto-currency focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & environmental footprint. It utilizes a custom Proof of Stake (PoS) and Zerocoin (zPoS) protocols for securing its network. The goal of STAMP is to achieve a decentralized sustainable crypto currency with near instant full-time private/hidden transactions.

decentralised economy

Innovative Cryptocurrency enables secure transactions

We are launching our new currency that runs on proof of stake system in order to maintain high standards of governance decentralization and privacy protection. The STAMP Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternodes without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 90% pure PoS Block reward phase and ensures lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging, stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and limited number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. Since the Masternodes are constantly connected to the network & perform certain tasks, this allows the coin to achieve faster and more private transactions.



We believe in the cryptocurrency revolution, which brings us one step closer to the future of modern finance and offers us alternatives for the financial transactions which better suit with the needs of our modern society. Decentralization and faster transactions are exactly what we need in current times. Decentralizing the power to lower levels has proved to be much more resilient and appropriate mode of organizing society. With the cryptocurrency revolution, we no more need to be at the mercy of rigid centralized banking system. A more decentralized and diverse system of currencies offer more safety and security for the financial system and evolve faster with the accelerating technological evolutions.

STAMP can be used as a coupon or as a replacement for money spent online or in a general store. You also can earn STAMP from online or in a regular store that using this coin when you buy goods. It is possible to have a STAMP coin at coffee shop. You will earn coins every day at coffee shop when you drink.

Basic Feature


Proof of Stake

Coin info

STAMP Specification

  • Coin name STAMP Coin
  • Coin Symbol SAM
  • Zerocoin Symbol zSAM
  • Network Port 43452
  • Block Time 60 Sec
  • Premine 600 000 SAM
  • Coin Maturity 60 Confirmation
  • TX Maturity 6 Confirmation
  • Masternode : PoS 90 : 10 %
  • Masternode : zPoS 25 : 75 %
  • Minimum Staking Age 60 Minutes
Amount for Masternodes Collateral
  • Block Height Amount
  • 201 - 53280 1500 SAM
  • 53281 - 96480 3000 SAM
  • 96481 - Infinite 4500 SAM
*** 200 block buffer for Masternode collateral change at block 53281 - 53480 and 96481 - 96680, any masternodes will get 1 SAM only to prevent dumping reward to a few nodes that started earlier.

STAMP Reward

Reward Breakdown

 Block       Note *** Block 1-200 moving using PoW
 1 Initial Pre-mine
 2-7 Initial 6 MNs for the functioning of the network, disconnect and airdrop to active Masternodes when reach 100 node.
 8-200 Initialize network for smoothly PoS running.

 Phase Block Height Masternodes & Stakers
 Phase 1 201-6000 16 SAM
 Phase 2 6001-10800 28 SAM
 Phase 3 10801-21600 48 SAM
 Phase 4 21601-43200 92 SAM
 Phase 5 43201-86400 180 SAM
 Phase 6 86401-129600 272 SAM
 Phase 7 129601-172800 180 SAM
 Phase 8 172801-216000 92 SAM
 Phase 9 216001-259200 48 SAM
 Phase Z 259201-Infinite 28 SAM
Masternode Guide

Our way

Road Map

July 2018

Wallet Release

Publish Website, Block Explorer

website Block Explorer

August 2018

Masternode Stats, Exchanges

September 2018

Mobile Wallet

Implement first eCommerce store to accept coin

October 2018

Publish White paper

November 2018

CMC Listing

December 2018

Launch Web Wallet


Core Project Expansion


Why You Should Invest here?

Masternode Reward

High Masternode Reward 90% From PoS and 25% from zPoS. Easy installation.

Proof of Stake and zPoS

No more fancy expensive mining hardware, get rewards just by having your computer online with an internet connection. 10% on PoS and 75% from zPoS.

Blockchain Technology

Secure, fast, anonymous, cheap and eco-friendly, cutting edge decentralized payment method. SwiftX function can be send coin within a minite.


Everyone is given a fair chance to become an early investor.

Weekly Airdrop

Growing community, everyone has a chance to get in on the action with the weekly airdops.

Continues Development

Development of the platform and the wallet is our top priority so expect nothing but the best support!

Current Price (SAM/BTC)
Current Block Height
Current Supply

Premine Usage

Premine Distribution

Premine Distribution
Allocation of STAMP Premine

Total Premine - 600,000 SAM

  • 35% Project Cost
  • 5% Bounty
  • 10% Marketing
  • 25% Core Project Cost
  • 25% Future Development

Coin Listing

STAMP Listing



Project Team

Amornthep Phunsin
Project Leader

A leader among
he peers and is tasked
to make STAMP
the best there can be!

Supawat Armart
Developer Leader

A veteran in both the
programming and
the crypto universe,
The core of
the development team.